3rd License Plate & Windshield Sticker

3rd License Plate & Windshield Sticker / Label

A third license plate sticker / windshield number plate label is an effective way against manipulation, forgery and car theft. Furthermore it can be used as a proof of a vehicle registration.

Windshield stickers are highly resistant against UV and temperature. The self-adhesive / self-sticking number plate sticker will be placed on the inner side of the windshield of a vehicle.

3rd license plates have a wide range of integrated anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evidence Features implemented by

  • die-cuts
  • VOID effect
  • printed security patterns
  • holograms or transparent holographic foils
  • OVI (optical variable inks) printings
  • pre-printed unique serial numbers as alphanumeric numbers and / or data matrix code , QR-code / classic barcode

Labelling fields will allow a local printing / inscription of information onto the windshield sticker. Under usage of thermal Printers, data such as

  • the car registration number
  • serial numbers of the license plates
  • vehicle chassis numbers
  • a validity date of the car registration

can be printed on-site for example during a car registration process.

The integration of RFID chips in 3rd license plate stickers presents further possibilities like electronic vehicle registration, car identification, traffic monitoring / traffic control and toll fee acquisition.

This contactless solution works in a frequency range of 860 – 960 MHz, is UV-stable and temperature resistant and optionally it can be based on high security chips with encrypted data transmission and authentication features (128 Bit AES). 3rd license plates with embedded RFID tags have a high speed / high read rate performance over a wide range. Complex projects – based on an existing IT infrastructure and available online interfaces – are realizable. Real-time checks / verifications of vehicle registrations are possible as well as toll-survey taking into account the real usage of road use.

But also without an existing IT infrastructure and / or online interfaces RFID is most apt to make car registrations more secure and to avoid the misuse of car license plates – possible without high investments in hardware and infrastructure. The usage of 3rd number plate labels with integrated NFC tags as well as security NFC labels for the car license plates allows a secure validation of license plates and a proper car registration during a traffic check. NFC is working in a high frequency range of 13,56 Mhz. Data can be transferred at speeds of up to 424 kbps. Transmissions are possible over short distances.

Additional applications of RFID based stickers and labels are:

  • tolling
  • parking
  • access control
  • fleet management

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