Our comprehensive range of products for the manufacture of car license plates includes all machinery and equipment necessary for the manufacture of numberplates.

Based on our long-term experience in the field of car license plates we can submit references regarding

  • Supply of machines and embossing tools for the production of car license plates
  • Supply of car license plates blanks, hot stamping foils and related products
  • Consultation and implementation of car license plates projects

We are active on the national as well as international market which means that we are operating in Germany as well as in many other countries. As an exporter we are busy in more than 45 countries.

We are in business relationship with:

Angola (ANG), Belgium (B), Bulgaria (BG), Belorussia (BY), Cameroon (CAM), Canada (CDN), Congo (CGO), Switzerland (CH), Columbia (CO), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Germany (D), Algeria (DZ), Kenya (EAK), Tanzania (EAT), Uganda (EUA), United Kingdom (UK), Ghana (GH), Guinea (GIN), Hungary (H), Italy (I), India (IND), Libya (LAR), Latvia (LV), Morocco (MA), Mauritius (MS), Netherlands (NL), Oman (OM), Poland (PL), Papua New Guinea (PNG), Palestine (PS), Qatar (Q), Togo (RT), Russia (RUS), Singapore (SGP), Somalia (SOM), Syria (SYR), Tunisia (TN), Trinidad and Tobago (TT), Turkey (TR), Ukraine (UA), United States of America (USA), Sierra Leone (WAL), Saint Lucia (WL), Zambia (Z)

Complete solutions for the production of license plates and car signs.