Hot Stamping Machines

Hot Stamping Machines

Hot stamping machines for car license plates by Muschard Schildertechnik

Muschard Schildertechnik is a German company specializing in hot stamping machines for the production of high-quality car license plates. A number plate can be hot stamped within ten seconds in any desired colour. Uncomplicated handling as well as short processing time is important for the professional production of stamped vehicle registration plates. The entire process of colouring the blank plates can be performed by a simple step. By means of coloured hot stamping foils, the desired design can be realized for official car license plates as well as fun-plates.

Hot stamping machines for car license plates conforming to official standards

The production of official car license plates requires reliable hot stamping machines of high quality apt to be operated continuously on a daily basis. The machines offered by Muschard Schildertechnik are equipped with electronic temperature controls for optimal results. They are available for different working widths and with or without timer functions depending upon the type.

  • short processing time of only 10 seconds per license plate (520 mm length)
  • output between 360 and 600 plates per hour (depending upon the type of machine and the license plate format)
  • easy and odourless colouring
  • wide range of hot stamping foils in different colours
  • suitable for official number plates and fun-plates
  • optional extra: specific furniture can be supplied
  • also available with optional timer function
  • electronic temperature control for safe and easy handling

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High-quality hot stamping machines made in Germany

In Germany, car license plates have to meet the requirements of the “StVZO” (road traffic licensing regulations) and have to be tested according to DIN 74069. This does not only concern the material the license plate is made of, but also the quality of the embossing and colouring of the registration number. If you want perfect results, the modern Muschard Schildertechnik hot stamping machines are recommended. The focus is on easy handling and reliability. A high output is guaranteed due to short processing time. Depending upon the type of machine and license plate length, the hot stamping machines are capable of processing between 360 and 600 plates per hour. The colouring is not only done in short time, but is also odourless in order to protect employees and customers. The easy and safe operation of the hot stamping machine yields a high passage frequency while at the same time the workload is low.

Hot stamping machines with different working widths available

The different types of hot stamping machines are in compliance with the different working widths. Offering hot stamping machines for operating widths between 125 mm and 250 mm, Muschard Schildertechnik is in a position to supply you with the appropriate machine for your requirements. All hot stamping machines are completely and exclusively made in Germany. They are equipped with an electronic temperature control system for an optimum of operating safety. All hot stamping machines can be operated by means of a standard power supply (230 volts, 50 Hz, single-phase). For clients from for example the US or Canada we are offering our hot stamping machine for the usage with 110 volts, 60 Hz, single phase. The output depends on the type of machine and is in the range between 1,35 kW and 2,55 kW for the largest type.

A wide range of additional equipment and accessories available

The range of auxiliaries comprises hot stamping foils of high quality in compliance with DIN 74069 and ISO 7591. These foils, the use of which is odourless, guarantee best colouring results for car number plates. In addition working tables for the hot stamping machines with an optimal working height can be supplied.

Not only blanks for car number plates and fun plates can be supplied but also high-quality plate holders / frames / supports and plate bags. Don´t hesitate to ask for an individual quotation.

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What you should know about the production of car license plates

Car license plates are necessary to identify vehicles in road traffic. Marked with official stamps such as official seal and TÜV badge, the plate also is a proof of valid licensing and traffic safety. Shape and appearance of car license plates in Germany are regulated within the frame of the StVZO and the respective EU regulations. Therefore it is very important that all license plates exactly conform with the requirements of these regulations. Vehicle registration plates in Germany are in compliance with DIN 74069.

Car license plates made in Germany – a guarantee for quality

Don´t compromise if the quality of car license plates is at issue. The use of high-quality materials in the production and processing of number plates is a guarantee for long durability. Modern hot stamping machines from Muschard Schildertechnik guarantee best results when used with best materials. Even in case of daily operation and a very high output, these hot stamping machines are reliable. The operation is easy and safe. Excellent results on a consistent basis and efficient operation are the hallmark of this equipment. In case of any questions or more information about hot stamping machines for car license plates please don´t hesitate to ask.

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