Embossing Machines

Embossing Machines

Embossing Machines for Car License Plates

Our oil-hydraulic embossing machines have to face high requirements with regard to efficiency, safety and operating facility. In addition, the use of low-maintenance aggregates promises a particularly long service life and high efficiency. Additional measures for the reduction of noise emissions guarantee a safe working Environment.

  • Power supply of 230 V / 16 A (for clients from for example the US or Canada we are offering our embossing machine for the usage with 110 volts, 60 Hz, single phase)
  • Low-maintenance oil-hydraulic aggregate
  • Low weight
  • Optional with furnishings for license plates blanks and embossing tools

Our oil-hydraulic embossing machines for car license plates are available with an operating pressure of 40 t and 50 t, respectively, and with different working surfaces.

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