High Security License Plates

High Security License Plates

Forgery-proof car license plates

Car number plates are the proof of the official registration and valid licensing of vehicles, as stipulated by the vehicle licensing regulations of the respective countries. They are obligatory for cars which are subject to registration if used on public roads.

This means that immunity to fraud and forgery for vehicle registration plates is of increasing importance. Muschard Schildertechnik is your right contact if forgery-proof car number plates are required. The enterprise has intensively dealt with this issue and is in a position to offer innovative forgery-proof vehicle registration plates.

Security features for car license plates are:

If you require car registration plates with an improved immunity to fraud and forgery you should rely on the long-time experience and the know-how of Muschard Schildertechnik.

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The range of products regarding high-security vehicle registration plates supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik is technically up to date and guarantees a high protection against manipulation and duplication. Special manufacturing processes make sure that the car number plate is protected and based upon your requirements.

The number of high-security features is manifold and manifold are also the possibilities of combining these features. In order to increase the security of a vehicle registration plate, the following security features are recommended:

Integrated laser / water marks for car number plates

Laser marks / water marks based on laser techniques which are situated inside the reflective sheeting of the registration plate can only be removed by destruction of the reflective sheeting. Therefore they are an important security feature.

QR or bar codes for vehicle registration plates

By means of a QR or a bar code, respectively, further data can be integrated into a car number plate and then registered. This can be accomplished by a print or by laser technique.

Security caps for screws for car number plates

Security caps are used together with screws to fasten the car number plate. After the plate is fastened and the security caps are fixed, the dismantling of the plate is not possible without destruction of the security caps. This cannot be done unnoticed.

RFID for 3rd plates

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID tags, which are integrated into a 3rd plate / windshield sticker, represent a cost-effective possibility to store additional data in a chip such as car owner of the vehicle. By means of an electronic RFID chip, incorporated in the 3rd number plate, additional information such as vehicle and vehicle owner, can be read via a remote wireless scanner and used for a perfect identification.

Embedded graphic symbols for vehicle registration plates

Graphic symbols such as flags, emblems, coat of arms, and other national symbols, printed on the registration plate, are apt for a visually check of the number plates. All printed graphs are in compliance with DIN 74069 and ISO 7591.

Holograms for car number plates

The wave length of the light is the reason that the two-dimensional visual representation of an individual motif is perceived of as three-dimensional. The hologram can be located on the reflective sheeting of the car number plate according to requirements. The high security feature is a result of the material qualities, the registration and the technique of application of the hologram on the car number plate.

Any hologram applied to the number plate cannot be removed without destruction. Therefore it is another important feature to increase the immunity to fraud and forgery.

Serial number / laser serial numbers for car license plates

Laser numbers or laser serial numbers, respectively, can consist of a combination of multi-digit numbers and letters and are integrated into the reflective sheet by means of laser techniques. The authenticity of the car number plate is proved by the combination of an individual serial number of the blank plate as well as the registration number of the car number plate; both are stored in a database and can be retrieved from this base. The removal is not possible without the destruction of the reflective sheet.

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