Car License Plates International

Car License Plates International

Car license plates worldwide

You will find car number plates supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik throughout the world: high-quality car number plates from Celle - Made in Germany. These car number plates are in compliance with all requirements regarding vehicle registration plates and successful on the international market.

Requirements for international registration and car number plates:

  • Dimensions of the plates as required
  • Use of reflective as well as non-reflective sheeting
  • Printing and application of nation-specific symbols and emblems
  • Laser numbering / laser serial numbering of the car number plates
  • Laser marks / water marks for car number plates
  • Application of holograms onto the plate
  • Car registration plates according to DIN 74069 as well as ISO 7591

Due to the respective nation-specific regulations and specifications for the licensing of car plates, international registration plates demand a variety of standards for the technical implementation. On account of their accumulated experiences, Muschard Schildertechnik is able to comply with the variety of designs and technical details within the scope of registration plates. This ability to comply with a diversity of requirements is an important feature of Muschard Schildertechnik on the international market for vehicles registration plates.

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International vehicle registration plates – made in Germany

The decades of experience which Muschard Schildertechnik could acquire on the German and international market for vehicle registration plates, translate into the implementation of nation-specific requirements and specifications for car number plates. This does not only refer to all relevant requirements regarding nation-specific dimensions and formats, but also to car plate colours and security features such as holograms and laser water marks and serial numbers.

Forgery-proof international car license plates

By means of modern manufacturing processes Muschard Schildertechnik can realize important security features to increase the immunity to fraud and forgery for international car number plates.

Tried and proven production processes for car number plates are a safeguard for the manufacturing of registration plates which comply with all official requirements and successfully take the hurdles of nation-specific testing procedures.

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Laser mark and holograms for car license plates

Laser marks for car number plates can be implemented in a number of ways depending on whether a laser serial number, an individual serial number for each vehicle registration plate or hidden or non-hidden graphic water marks are concerned. These laser marks are unchangeable features of the car number plates as they are not on the surface, but inside the reflective sheeting.

If holograms for car number plates are required, there is a choice between standard holograms or customized holograms according to the customers´ or the nations´ specific layout. As the plates are exposed to atmospheric influences, these holograms are based on chromium. Holograms are protected and generally registered for that enterprise that has applied the hologram. Therefore it is not possible that third parties use registered holograms.