Car License Plates

Car License Plates

The hallmark of Muschard Schildertechnik, an enterprise based in Celle, is: quality made in Germany, the use of high-quality materials and a reliable production of vehicle registration plates made on the basis of all relevant quality and security features in compliance with DIN 74069 and ISO 7591.

Car number plates supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik comply with all technical requirements, testing conditions and security standards, beginning with the blank plate and ending with the officially registered car number plate.

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Muschard Schildertechnik is a qualified partner for customers with high expectations and is able to offer a wide range of car number plates for the national and international market. If desired, the registration plates can be provided with technically complex and demanding security features which significantly improve the immunity to fraud and forgery of car number plates.

Car License Plates National

Car number plates Euro D in compliance with legal regulations and DIN 74069.

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Car License Plates International

Car number plates in compliance with international and nation-specific regulation and specifications.

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High Security License Plates

Car license plates with security features for an improved immunity to fraud and forgery.

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Car number plates and vehicle registration plates supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik

On a world-wide basis, the number of registered motor vehicles equipped with car number plates is more than one billion. Wherever a motor vehicle is registered, it usually has to be provided with an official car number plate. In Germany, the number of officially registered cars in 2017 was about 45,8 millions, which means that there are about 50 millions car number plates in circulation, beginning with AA for the Ostalbkreis region and ending with ZZ for the Burgenlandkreis region.

Car number plates and vehicle registration plates are made by modern and fully automatic production lines flexible enough to allow for individual demands and requirements on the part of the customers. The focus is always on the customers´ preferences.

The complete range of necessary equipment as well as consumable materials, necessary for the manufacture of car license plates, is available to all customers supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik. This includes machinery and embossing tools, blank plates, hot stamping foils and a wide range of accessories.

Car license plates national

All over Germany the cars equipped with car number plates from Muschard Schildertechnik have high-quality car license plates. Car license plates Euro D are in compliance with legal regulations in all respects. The production is based on DIN 74069. Car number plates in one or two lines are available in all common dimensions and special formats. The same does apply to temporary plates and customs plates / export plates.

Car license plates international

You will find car number plates made by Muschard Schildertechnik nearly all over the globe: motor vehicles as well as utility vehicles worldwide provided with a car number plate Made in Germany. Made in Lower Saxony. Made in Celle. Made by Muschard Schildertechnik. A wide technical spectrum and many years of experience ensure the implementation of individual nation-specific standards and specifications for the manufacture of car number plates. Special dimensions, plate colors and security features such as holograms for an improved immunity to fraud and forgery are no problem at all due to modern processing procedures.

High security license plates

High security car license plates supplied by Muschard Schildertechnik are in compliance with highest requirements regarding security. These plates can represent official documents. Therefore a maximum of immunity to fraud and forgery is of high importance. High-security registration plates stand for high protection against manipulation and duplication, accomplished by the use of modern security features such as holograms, laser water marks and laser serial numbers. Special manufacturing processes, a high degree of technical know-how, experience and process reliability are the features which ensure individual and optimal solutions in this field of high security. Muschard Schildertechnik meets demanding requirements regarding car number plates.

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